DJ Theo

One of Intense Productions most valuable assets, He has 21 years of experience in the industry covering every music genre on the dance scene. His experience, skill and versatility has put him in the dj line-up of most top clubs in SA. He was also one of our most regularly booked DJ’s and has just finished his 4 year residency at Vacca Matta SA ( Cape Town ). He has over the years been selected as a supporting dj for major events including the 24 Seven – SA Tour in 1993 and the Shaggy – SA Tour in 1993 with an event capacity of 6500 people. Adding to his profile he has performed at the legendary events, The Camel Experience, Fanta Phatt Jam and E TV’s Backstage Party’s.

He was also the man behind the success of clubs Enigma and Rumours. He was very in demand and was regularly booked for productions, including Liquid Dreams, Back2Back and the Beach Party’s. Going onto playing on Cape Town’s top radio stations, GOODHOPE FM and RADIO 5FM he still remained on the club scene. With many years of experience he soon earned the reputation and respect of being a dj that could be booked for any genre venue and he would deliver top results with ease and style. After a respectful 21 year service to the clubbers in Cape Town South Africa he has immigrated to the United Kingdom. He will be missed by Intense Productions and his all time favourite venue Vacca Matta.

Clubs performed at:

DJ THEO has featured at the the following venue’s, Dockside, The Gallery, 96 Degree’s, Studio 47, Monsoon Lagoon, Rhodes House, Baseline, Enigma, Rumours, China White, Vegas Lounge, The Fez, 169 on Long, Chilli ‘n Lime, Deluxe, Vacca Matta, Insomnia, Txitarro’s, Ceasars, Fatboys, Illusions, The Base, The Valve, Peter Cellars, Cubana, Mosquito Lounge, Mink, Kinabalu, Chrome, Snap, Alligators, Adrenalin, Arena, Escape, Heaven, Hero’s, Westridge City, Academy, Space Oddessy, Club Galaxy, Lenin, Vibe, Buddah Bar, Sutra, Le Club,… and much more. Let’s just say that in his 21yrs of DJ-ing there are a very few clubs in Cape Town that he has not performed in. He cover’s the following music genre’s, House, Funky House, Sexy Latino House, Commercial Dance, RnB and Hip Hop, Hard House, Trance, Banging Trance, Vocal and Uplifting Trance in their respective clubs.

I would like to thank:

DJ Ceejay, my gorgeous wife who has supported me in all aspects of my personal life and the music industry, you are without a doubt my better half and will always have my love and respect.

DJ Rasho’s, who is one of the most talented RnB and Hip Hop DJ’s that I have had the honour and privilege to work with, Stay as cool, and good hearted as you are….. Those qualities are hard to find in people today.

DJ Kenn, who goes without saying has been a big influence in my life, your passing away has forever left a hole in my heart but your spirit remains…….

Richard Van Nelson, you have brought meaning to the words “true friend” in my life, whether I will ever be blessed with a friendship like we had in the future does not seem possible. You are truly missed my brother, but the great friend you were to me will never be forgotten…….


DJ Ceejay

DJ Ceejay’s career in music started when she met DJ Theo, one of Cape Town’s top DJ’s in 1999 at Club Escape in Table View, Cape Town. After becoming good friends, they started moving around in the same circle at the various clubs in Cape Town, allowing Ceejay to get familiar with the club and music scene. Ceejay played her first short set at Baseline in Cape Town. She then began playing back to back with DJ Theo in his RnB sets, which genre soon became what she stood for. From there on she started learning the fine art of mixing, which led her into the funky house and vocal trance genre’s. She was soon ripping up the decks playing back to back sets at Enigma and Rumours. Her knowledge of music, track selection and mixing art soon improved to club standard performance which gave her the opportunity to play sets amongst the “Big Boys” in the industry. She always kept an open mind and was ready to listen when experienced DJ’s gave her advice which she soon realised was adding to her talent.

After proving herself in the “manly world” of Dj-ing and receiving praises from well respected fellow club DJ’s, Ceejay soon earned a resident slot at Vacca Matta – Durbanville. At first she was resident in the clubs RnB section and then together with DJ Theo, DJ Rasho’s and various guest DJ’s, they ripped up the decks on the main floor. She was one of the lucky female DJ’s to have learnt from the best in the industry and was soon the only female DJ in the Intense Productions team. After playing at Vacca Matta for 4 years DJ Ceejay and DJ Theo, now husband and wife, have emigrated to the UK. Intense Productions wishes her the best for the future and looks forward to her returning for guest club performances in SA.

Clubs & Events performed at:

Queen Ethelburga’s College, China White, Vegas Lounge, Baseline, Enigma, Rumours, Hi Flyerz, Cinnamon, Vacca Matta, Cubana, Billy’s, Txitarro’s, Buddah Bar, Insomnia ….

I would like to thank:

Dad, You have been the one person who I could always rely on, trust and come to for advice. You taught me all the values and morals I stand for today and I hope I can be half the parent you were to me. I will forever miss and love you.

DJ Theo, He started out as my best friend and became my mentor who taught me with such professionalism all I know today about the club, DJ and music industry. Now my husband and still my best friend, I couldn’t respect and love someone as much. Thank you for all the years together, you someone I look up to everyday and look forward to our bright future ahead.

DJ Rasho’s, One of Cape Town’s top RnB DJ’s who taught me the fine and difficult art of mixing RnB. This being my favourite genre, I look up to you for your professionalism and skill. Thank you for your patience and being a such a trustworthy friend.

Nicole Henderson, It took me a trip far far away to realise how true a friend you are! You are one in a million and will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for showing me what true friendship is all about!

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