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If you recently received an e-mail with your registration details then please save them as we are in the process of migrating the users to the new website!


The current website will not be effected, so please be sure to sign up and register to gain access to the new site when it is launched! We are editing some mixes that has been completed and will be uploaded soon, in the meantime below are the latest mixes.

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As promised, we have been very busy getting the mixes sorted and uploaded, you may notice some sets being uploaded are not new and current music this is because we are busy populating the website with all the mixes we have done over the years covering all the genre’s and our whole portfolio. We have tons of set’s that have been recorded in different venue’s which we need to process and upload, so you will see them added to the music section daily. Getting all the mixed sets sorted into the correct genre’s and digitised for the website is a major task therefore i am trying to complete at least a few every week. Eventually we will have all the sets uploaded then we will just be working on new and current music in our mixes so please be patient with us till then and thank you for supporting the website as you have been thus far. Being a registered user gives you the opportunity to have unlimited listening access to all the sets, so get registering now!!! A lot of hard work has gone into mixing up these sets and uploading them, so your comments are always welcome under the blogging page.    

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