DJ Theo Funky House Mix Vol. 39

2012 – Mile High Mix, SA – UK

This mix was inspired when i left South Africa after a short visit and boarded the plane only to find that i was the only one seated in my row on the plane. I know what you thinking, a total bliss for someone that is thinking of sleeping but not me baby! All i could think of was let’s break out the dj gear and make a mix, so you must be thinking what gear did i use to pull this off without power? Well thanks to 2 x Apple iPad’s used as digital controllers mapped to my Macbook Pro running Traktor Pro the problem was solved very easy. So after about 2hrs at work making the mix and mastering it at 33 000 feet it seemed fit for me to call it my “Mile High Mix” i hope you enjoy listening to it as much as i have enjoyed making this mix.

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9 Responses to “DJ Theo Funky House Mix 39”

  1. avatar Ian Duncan Says:

    Theo, I can’t wait to hear your mix at 33000 feet above the ground!

  2. avatar Jan Vladimir Mostert Says:

    All the classics mixed into a super Phat & Phunky set!!! Awesome! :-)
    Please send me the download details, want to listen to it on my Ultrasones.

  3. avatar Jamie Says:

    Amazing mix!!

  4. avatar Loz Says:


  5. avatar gasant Says:

    hey dj theo i love the mix to think you did that while flying

  6. avatar DJ Theo Says:

    @ Martin, Yo man, all i could think of was joining the “Mile High Club” … well on a music level that is! (Not what you thinking) … the misses was at home :-(

  7. avatar DJ Theo Says:

    @ Dave, Dude it’s time to switch to that 18″ sub …. lol, which was your favorite track in the mix ?

  8. avatar Eastwoodm Says:

    Awsome tunes Theo. Technically, you were over 6 miles high when you mixed it though :-)

  9. avatar Dave Says:

    So you blasted out get your fuckin hands up at 36,000 feet…. Respect..
    Air marshal please!!

    Top tunes as always Just need some more speakers. Sub’s gone through the floor

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