DJ Theo & DJ Wildchild – Funky House Mix Vol. 36
2010 – London, United Kingdom – Cape Town, South Africa

Myself and DJ Wildchild have spent many years behind the decks together playing either back 2 back sets, both as resident DJ’s at venue’s i owned or productions i had. I eventually convinced him dust off his headphones and do the first of a series of mixes yet to come, This kick ass house mix covers some tracks currently on the charts and has lot’s of flavour for the club/dance lovers. Tracks 1-5 were mixed by DJ Wildchild and tracks 6-11 by DJ Theo.

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One Response to “DJ Theo & DJ Wildchild Funky House Mix 36”

  1. avatar DJ Wildchild Says:

    My headphones is picking up dust again @ DJ Theo, should i dust it off again? lol!!

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