DJ Theo & DJ Tim Coe – Trance Mix. 1
2010 – London, United Kingdom

I first met DJ Tim Coe one of the UK’s respected DJ’s and Producers, when I booked him to DJ for the launch of the Bump DVD at Club Enigma Cape Town. After an amazing night of us blending our beats together i ended my set on quite a high. Finally, I now have the pleasure in doing a back2back set with him with some of the best Trance tunes that 2008 – 2009 had to offer.  We hope you enjoy what we have put together for you in this first mix, which is the start of many more to come.  Tracks 1-7 were mixed by DJ Tim Coe and tracks 8-12 by DJ Theo.

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2 Responses to “DJ Theo & DJ Tim Coe – Trance Mix. 1”

  1. avatar Ian Duncan Says:

    DJ Tim Coe & DJ Theo, what a nice pick of tunes to you both. You two should play more often together. Thanks guys, another great session in the bag!

  2. avatar Ian Duncan Says:

    Can’t wait to hear your trance mix with DJ Tim Coe, Theo.

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