DJ Theo & DJ Donzai DJ Theo & DJ Donzai – Funky House Mix Vol. 40 2012 – DJ Donzai ( Hong Kong ) – DJ Theo ( United Kingdom )

This set is a collaboration between myself DJ Theo and DJ Donzai, who i met back in 2002 before he embarked on his DJ career. He soon climbed through the ranks on the Trance and Hard House scene and we regularly played together at various clubs to the likes of 96 Degrees, Studio 47, Gallery, Baseline just to name a few. Earlier this year he revived his DJ career by entering the House Music genre and i must say i like the flavor he is currently mixing up. We decided to do this Back 2 Back mix to bring you the best of Hong Kong & UK cheeky house tunes, tracks 1-6 were mixed by DJ Donzai and tracks 7-12 by DJ Theo.

If you are interested in the track listing or would like to download the set to listen to it offline you will need to be logged in to see the track listing and download link, if you not a member then register now to get access and receive e-mails on new mixes as soon as they are made available.




5 Responses to “DJ Theo & DJ Donzai Funky House Mix 40”

  1. avatar DJ Theo Says:

    @ Ian, the download link is under the player ( in red ) you have to be logged in to see the download link.

  2. avatar Ian Duncan Says:

    Theo please send me the link to your funky house mix. Thanx!

  3. avatar PepeD Says:

    Can’t wait to listen links please

  4. avatar gasant Says:

    i like this mix its funky

  5. avatar punchywp Says:

    Yo send me the download link to both ur 2 new mixes..please

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