DJ Theo & DJ Ceejay – Trance Mix. 2
2010 – Queen Ethelburga’s College, York, United Kingdom

This set was recorded during the closing session of the night at QE College which included some of Ceejay and my personal favourites. After Ceejay set the pace and uplifting feel on the dance floor, i fairly much followed suite and decided to slam in some wicked tracks to compliment the set. Tracks 1-5 were mixed by DJ Ceejay and tracks 6-10 by DJ Theo.

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4 Responses to “DJ Theo & DJ Ceejay – Trance Mix. 2”

  1. avatar DJ Ceejay Says:

    Some of the really best vocals tracks in this set . . . I can’t even get enough of it!!! Agent Vladimir -- I think you have managed to express the set perfectly! LOL

  2. avatar DJ Theo Says:

    My hat’s off to DJ Ceejay for your tight mix of “It’s My Turn (Darren Tate Mix) -- Angelic” into your set, Sista’s got skillz!

  3. avatar DJ Theo Says:

    Very good choice of words there dude, for me the goosebump feeling is at it’s highest when the synth effect starts breaking through in Adagio For Strings -- DJ Tiesto ….. these were that tracks that made him …. in my humble opinion….

  4. avatar AgentVladimir Says:

    Eargasm! The vocals fill every open crack and vent and saturates the air with pure bliss.
    Got goosebumps when Delerium started making themselves audible.

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