DJ Theo & DJ Ceejay – R&B Mix. 7
2008 – Vacca Matta, Cape Town, South Africa

This set was a live recording played just after 12 and was a hot favourite with the ladies, it also set the scene before our Hip Hop set.  Tracks 1-7 were mixed by DJ Ceejay and tracks 8-14 by DJ Theo.

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4 Responses to “DJ Theo & DJ Ceejay – R&B Mix. 7”

  1. avatar DJ Theo Says:

    What can i say … Run It -- Chris Brown will always remind me of my homey … Richard Van Nelson …. this one’s for you my brother!

  2. avatar DJ Theo Says:

    @ Lyle, well dude quite surprised to hear your dad’s back in the club business, but i know he will make it a success as the previous clubs he had.

  3. avatar lylesti Says:

    i never heard a mix like this in a while…..
    im lukin forward to a 1 on 1 bck2bck mix Suppose it must take place in Club Breezin i want it live in action…….

  4. avatar lylesti Says:

    he is on fire…..

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